Vegan Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache (but it doesn’t have to be vegan if you don’t want it to be)

Vegan Chocolate Cake - Beth the BakerI know you’re thinking that this can’t possibly be delicious, but it is… I’ve included this as part of my “posting things chocolate for Valentine’s Day”.  This cake works for vegans and non-vegans alike…

Here’s what happens in my family for birthday celebrations, etc..

I have two younger sisters and we’re all  good cooks.  So when we have a family dinner, we split the duties – my sisters, my mom and myself all contribute toward the meal (except Mother’s Day where we don’t have to do stuff… or at least not as much…).  Continue reading

Chocolate Toffee Clusters

IMG_20150210_175849I figured since we’re getting near Valentine’s Day that I should be posting some chocolatey things…

This is probably the easiest thing to make.. great for kids to help with as it’s hard to mess it up! And it’s super delicious.  Continue reading

Chocolate Snowball with Raspberry Sauce

Chocolate Raspberry SnowballEvery year for Christmas, I am required to make this dessert.  It’s generally the only time of year that I make it and my nieces have declared that it “just isn’t Christmas” if I don’t make it.  I’ve been making it since…. 1991 I think!

When I was married, each holiday season we’d spend Christmas Eve at my husband’s family and drive to my family’s on Christmas Day.  Since we’d each take care of part of the meal, the easiest thing for me to do was dessert.  I’d do a different dessert for each family celebration. Continue reading