Grandmother’s Cheese Dumplings

Cheese Dumplings - Beth the Baker

Looking through my Grandmother’s recipes, I came across one for “Cheese Dumplings”.  I don’t recall my Grandmother ever making these, but it’s likely I ate them at some point… I’ll have to ask my father if he remembers them… regardless…

One of the ingredients for the recipe is “Farmer’s Cheese”.  I wasn’t quite sure what that is, exactly, so I looked it up.  It’s a dry ricotta-ish type cheese that I don’t recall ever seeing at the grocery store.  I mean, I’ve HEARD of it.. just haven’t ever had it to my recollection. During my search for said cheese, I came across recipes to MAKE it.  So I decided to take that route as I like to experiment with things.  Here is the recipe…

Checking out my Grandmother’s recipe, it struck me as being like gnocchi.. a ricotta gnocchi specifically.  I LOVE gnocchi.  The traditional potato, and the ricotta version, so was very much looking forward to these dumplings and they did NOT disappoint!

SCRIOLKA (Cheese Dumplings)

  • 1/2 pound dry farmers cheese (one cup or about half of the cheese recipe)
  • 3 -6 tbsp of flour depending on how dry the cheese is (I used 6)
  • 3 egg yolks

Mix all of the ingredients together.  My Grandmother’s recipe says roll out and cut into squares however, I rolled into ropes and cut into approximately 1 inch pieces.

Cook in boiling salted water until they float to the top of the pot.  Serve with melted butter.  (I cooked some shallots in melted butter – about 1 large shallot  – and added about a teaspoon of fresh thyme.  It was superb!)

Very simple to make, yet sure to impress … especially if you say you made your own cheese!

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