Chocolate Toffee Clusters

IMG_20150210_175849I figured since we’re getting near Valentine’s Day that I should be posting some chocolatey things…

This is probably the easiest thing to make.. great for kids to help with as it’s hard to mess it up! And it’s super delicious. 

One Christmas my mother made a treat very similar to this from a recipe she found somewhere… they had pecans in them and they were very tasty.  I also made some that year, and then one evening whilst I was doing some Christmas baking decided to replace the pecans with toffee.  Like, seriously, why wouldn’t you?  CHOCOLATE AND TOFFEE.  ‘Nuff said.

They are delicious. And addictive.  Anyone I know who has ever had one most often goes for at least a second.  One time – true story – I gave a bunch of these in a gift basket to Randy Bachman and he thought they were amazing.  Of course he did! They are chocolate and toffee and crunchy heavenly goodness!!

For years these have not really had a name… I sometimes would call them “chocolate blobs” or “chocolate plops”… so just made up the new more palatable name today, dontcha know.

So I made some of these and took them to Trivia night for my friends as I do not want to eat them all myself.  (Secret weight loss plan: Bake and make delicious things and give to others to fatten them up thereby appearing to be far skinnier than people I hang out with. Shhhh!)   And yes, everyone loved them.

(This recipe is gluten free as long as your krispies are.. or you could use another type of crunchy cereal if you wish (not as good in my opinion).  And you could make it lactose free if you used chocolate that did not contain milk solids. )


  • 1 – 270g package of milk chocolate chips (you can use semi sweet — and I have – but I don’t like them as well.  Personal taste though)
  • 100g of Skor toffee bits (half a package)
  • 1 1/2 cups of Rice Krispies (or no name)
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil


Place chocolate chips in a glass or microwave safe bowl with the vegetable oil.  Microwave for approximately 2 minutes on 80% power (check after 1 minute.. it will depend on how powerful your microwave is.. be careful not to burn the chocolate!)  Stir after one minute.. put back in.. chocolate should be mostly melty when you take it out and will finish melting once you stir.

Add toffee and krispies… stir until all are covered in chocolate.

Drop by teaspoonfuls onto a cookies sheet covered in wax paper or foil.  How many you end up with will depend on how large your spoonfuls are.. but makes about 24.

Chill in refrigerator until hard and set.  ENJOY!! (oh, you will… trust me….)

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